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    Best T20 players

    Predicting the T20 World Cup winner can be more difficult than predicting the winning powerball numbers in the national lottery. As we saw in the last T20 match between SA and ENG, the game can be won or lost in just a single over. There was a time when playing in the subcontinent was a […]

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    Episode 3: That’s how you do the Breastroke

      Agenda: Super Rugby Semi finals results South Africa wins 1st gold medal in London 2012 Olympics Preview 2nd SA vs Eng Test Armand’s rant of the week

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    Euro 2012

      This coming Saturday is arguably one of the most exciting tournaments in international football. It is the Euro 2012 held in Poland/Ukraine. It is pretty much as competitive as the soccer world cup just without the South American teams. Some might find that disappointing but I have to mention that the 3 top teams […]

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    Alesana Tuilagi Smashes Reporter – Big Rugby Hits

    A reporter recently visited the Samoan team at their hotel for a bit of chit chat and to end off the episode he allowed Alesana Tuilagi to tackle him into the hotel pool. Not sure many other sports reporters would be up to being hit by the big man. Good on you!

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    Predictions for the Final

    One of the many perks of playing Superbru is once you have made your prediction, not only are you able to view the predictions of your fellow pool players, but you can see the overall predictions of all the players playing in the tournament.  Viewing the overall predictions of everyone playing in the tournament can […]

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    All Blacks to make Fairy tale finish

    I don’t think its a question anymore, if the All Blacks will be winning the Web Ellis trophy on Sunday but by how far. Many will point at the unpredictability of the French and their history against the All Blacks in World Cup knockout games but I think even a 150% performance by this French […]

  • The William Webb Ellis Trophy 1/12/2008

    And then there were two…

    Thus the rugby world cup is drawing to to a close. As I am posting this, Australia is challenging Wales for the soon-to-be-forgotten title of Third at the cup. That’s worse than saying “from all who lost, I was the first”. This will be remembered as a slick, entertaining and mostly incident free world cup […]

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    Richie McCaw Super Awesome Steal

    I found this clip on Rugbydump showing Richie McCaw stealing a ball from one of the Australians.  For those of you who watched the game last weekend will know immediately what steal I’m talking about. Richie McCaw can now be referred to as Super Richie McCaw!

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    Bryce Lawrence is getting mauled

    I am as upset about a terrible ref as anyone else, and it’s got to be said that Bryce Lawrence got the whole country united. United in hating him. Let’s not dwell too much on what he did wrong (long list…) or right (very short list). The most enjoyable part is the love being shown […]

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    Well that didn’t go according to plan

    Last week we got really excited with the start of the quarter final stage at this year’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. South Africa was up against Australia and sadly we saw a result that broke the hearts of about 50 million South Africans. (This month’s census could verify that number.) The Springboks dominated […]