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    Videos of the week 2

    Quite possibly the reason why Dean greyling will not play Springbok anytime soon. If not ever. Ballz interview with Gary Gold. I’ve read and listened to a lot of interviews this week with so-called experts and all of them…well tried to sound very clever. And all of them obviously knows exactly what is wrong with […]

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    Videos of the week

    We searched the Internet from beginning to end to find you our favorite videos of the week. And no, we didn’t just go to en copied all of them here. We will try to keep the videos with latest events/trends but sometimes a random old funny video may be included. 1. If you didn’t […]

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    Pistorius takes silver in 200m

    The biggest highlight of the Paralympic games is without a doubt Oscar Pistorius. He has become a sporting legend and is a true ambassador for South African sport. I would seriously categorize him as a white Nelson Mandela. Anyway, the 200m T43/4 final was list night and after Oscar’s performance in the semis, it was […]

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    Why we love sports

    Very nice video showing the greatest moments in sports. Although I feel it’s a bit too much of American sports, it’s still a great display of sports in general. I was really fortunate to be able to see Michael Jordan while he was in his prime and this clip shows some seriously awesome moves by […]

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    Strauss destroys his sunglasses

    With Amla dominating the headlines of the 1st test between SA and Eng the media, it was never mentioned that Andrew Strauss also should have received an award of some sort. Why you ask? He also did something, which to my knowledge, have never been done before. He broke his sunglasses. Your initial reaction would […]

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    US Open Winner Interview

    As most of you know, Webb Simpson won the very challenging US Open yesterday. Very talented up and coming golfer. I remember watching him last year losing the Fedex Cup to Bill Haas on the final event. See how a fan brilliantly interrupts Simpson during his interview afterwards. Watch with sound on! Loving the “kakka kakka” sounds!

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    Matfield Conversion Kick

    This weekend was Victor Matfield’s last rugby game playing for The Barbarians against the Aussies. The 1st half was pretty even, but the 2nd half was very one-sided. The Australians showed what a good team unit they are won very comfortably in the end. But enough of that, The Barbarians scored a consolation try in […]

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    Making of Golf Boys

    There is officially a new boy band in town, and they go by the name of Golf Boys. Now your first reaction when hearing about a new boy band would be to throw a little bit up in your mouth. But this boy band is different, they are all currently professional golf players! All 4 of them are enrolled […]

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    Worlds Worst Football Dive

    We all know football players sometimes uses their acting skills in order to get a penalty in their favour. But every now and again their timing is a bit off or the acting is not believable enough. The video below is a good if not the best example of the worst possible execution of a […]

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    Richie McCaw Super Awesome Steal

    I found this clip on Rugbydump showing Richie McCaw stealing a ball from one of the Australians.  For those of you who watched the game last weekend will know immediately what steal I’m talking about. Richie McCaw can now be referred to as Super Richie McCaw!