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  • IPL

    IPL – Awesome cricket, annoying sideshows

    I am fortunate to be in the subcontinent while the latest installment of IPL is in full swing. It is hugely enjoyable to watch some of the best exponents of “mik en moer” are showcasing their skills. I am cool with seeing cheerleaders. I am even cool with the commentators going nuts about another DLF […]

  • GraemeSmith

    The rebuilding myth

    After the seriously dissapointing showing the Proteas gave us at Kingsmead there were a lot of debates around on why we are struggling so much. At a New Years Party I again heard the angle that “we are in a rebuilding phase”. Bullshit. What is a rebuilding phase? There are two definitions: “When people rebuild […]

  • Heyneke Meyer

    Who will be the next Springbok Coach

    Last time we had a look at who could be taking over from John Smit as captain of the Springboks. There is however another vacancy opening up at the Springboks, with coach Peter de Villiers’ contract running out at the end of the year. In this post we’ll have a look at some of the […]

  • imgres1

    Who will be the next Springbok captain?

    So there are at least two vacancies up for grabs at the Springboks in the wake of the disappointing World Cup. John Smit has decided to retire at Saracens and Peter de Villiers will be relieved of his contract at the end of the year. In a series of two posts we’ll have a look […]

  • Castle Tri-Nations

    Preview: Tri-Nations 2011 decider, Australia vs New Zealand

    Here in South Africa we seem to have already forgotten about the Tri-Nations and are solidly focussing on the World Cup. We can probably be forgiven because the smouldering hope we had of winning the tournament was doused with the loss to the Ausies in Durban two weeks ago. The Springboks’ win against the All […]

  • Robbie Deans

    Robbie Deans is showing lots of guts

    Here in South Africa we generally have a problem with making the hard decisions. We see it in politics, at work and definitely in sport. If a sport star does something spectacular or wins big they generally become untouchable and never get dropped. It’s something we see in all our major codes and I don’t […]

  • The court jester brushes up his skills

    The Snor Theory Pt1

    Every kingdom has one. No, not the hero, the clown. We have Pieter “die snor” de Villiers. Is he a clown? He is doing a damn good job convincing us he is. Everyone was upset/shocked/surprised(?) when P Divvy took over ahead of all-conquering (one-dimensional?) Blue Bull saviour Heyneke Meyer. Politicians rejoiced! Whee, a black coach. […]