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  • aca_joe3

    Proteas win opening test in Sri Lanka

    Inspired by local South African branding at the cricket ground, the Proteas have managed to win their 3rd ever test in Sri Lanka this past weekend. With a beautiful display of fast bowling by the best bowler in the world, Dale Steyn, and his partner-in-crime, Morne Morkel, they managed to beat the Sri Lankans by a healthy margin of 135 runs.  […]

  • 153477.5

    Introducing UUPI

    Have you ever wondered which is better in cricket? A batsmen scoring 50 runs or a bowler taking 5 wickets? Up to now, you can’t really compare them because the unit of measurements are different. Well we at Up and Under have found a way of comparing them with each other. This way we can […]

  • IPL

    IPL – Awesome cricket, annoying sideshows

    I am fortunate to be in the subcontinent while the latest installment of IPL is in full swing. It is hugely enjoyable to watch some of the best exponents of “mik en moer” are showcasing their skills. I am cool with seeing cheerleaders. I am even cool with the commentators going nuts about another DLF […]

  • sunfoil

    South Africa dominate 1st ODI against Sri Lanka

    Yesterday was the 1st of 5 ODI’s of the Sunfoil ODI series between South Africa and Sri Lanka. And it started on a high nigh note from a South African’s perspective. I did not watch the Sri Lankan’s innings as I was also playing cricket myself, which I do not want to talk about by […]

  • philander2

    Why Philander is so good

    I must admit, I was a bit sceptical with all the success of Philander since he arrived in Test cricket. I thought maybe it was because he played on pitches that favoured pace bowling. Which  led me to believe it was a case of being at the right place at the right time. But after […]

  • GraemeSmith

    The rebuilding myth

    After the seriously dissapointing showing the Proteas gave us at Kingsmead there were a lot of debates around on why we are struggling so much. At a New Years Party I again heard the angle that “we are in a rebuilding phase”. Bullshit. What is a rebuilding phase? There are two definitions: “When people rebuild […]

  • Sunfoil

    Sun Foil Test Series Wrap Up

    I would like to take this opportunity to highlight my excitement for the future of test cricket. Even through it is almost criminal that two great test playing nations like South Africa and Australia only faced each other in two test matches this series. It was electrifying! The first test saw Michael Clarke score a […]

  • Support the fight against breast cancer

    Support the fight against breast cancer

    Support the McGrath foundation against breast cancer. Remember to do a physical check on you girlfriend or wife now!

  • Sunfoil

    Preview: Sunfoil Test Series 2nd Test

    It’s only a few days until the 2nd and final test between South African and Australia. And if its anything similar to the 1st test, it should be a cracker. As the 1st game showed us, nothing is certain whether it is a batting/bowling pitch. I did some digging to find out what we can […]

  • Sunfoil

    This is why I love test cricket

    Easily one of the most eventfull tests I’ve seen in a long time. It was a roller coaster ride crammed into 3 days. When reading a lot of reviews and listening to the commentators not many people are sure why Australia were bowled out for so few runs. Which I find odd because my opinion […]