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  • slacklining


    Not sure how this was thought up, but Slacklining is an insane sport that looks to be a cross between trampolining, gymnastics and acrobatics. The premise of the sport is to do stunts that are judged on a thin piece of elastic that is spread between two points. Wikipedia explanation: Slacklining is a practice in […]

  • EVS_Buck

    What the buck!?

    This is probably the best excuse for not getting on a bike… The funniest thing is that Evan vd Spuy actually points and says “Look out for the buck”. Lekker Buck Norris.

  • jala-neti

    Jala Neti Shatkarma

    After roving around the internet for a while I discover what must be one of the world craziest sporting activities, if one could call it that. This practice is called Jala Neti and it now officially has a World Championship, you can view the video below to see the final round and the champion being […]

  • chessboxing

    Chess Boxing : Unusual Sports

    Chess boxing is a hybrid sport that combines boxing with chess in alternating rounds, a match consisting of 11 rounds. Although still quite unknown to the world chess boxing has enjoyed some fame in Iceland, Siberia and especially England where London had hosted more than 10 international events since 2008. The earliest chessboxing reference occurs […]