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Quite possibly the reason why Dean greyling will not play Springbok anytime soon. If not ever.

Ballz interview with Gary Gold. I’ve read and listened to a lot of interviews this week with so-called experts and all of them…well tried to sound very clever. And all of them obviously knows exactly what is wrong with the Boks. Being a sports analyst I guess you have to identify faults in a losing team otherwise you sound…well…not like an expert. This interview however made the most sense of all for me. Great thoughts by Gary. ┬áBe sure to visit Ballz for the more interesting interviews. Easily one of my favorite websites at the moment.

These guys have a dedicated channel on youtube where they do funny stuff and record it with a high frame camera and then replay it at a very low speed. The idea isn’t necessarily new but some of their videos are quite entertaining. We all know the movie Happy Gilmore and I’m sure all of us have imagined of being able to play golf Happy Gilmore style.

Okay the T20 World Cup hasn’t really been very exciting so far, mainly because the games have been very one-sided. However, the video below shows exactly how exciting it can be. Yuvraj Singh will forever be known as the 1st (and currently only) batsmen to have hit 6 x sixes in a single T20 over. Yes Gibbs has also done it but that was in an ODI game. Here is the list of most runs in a single T20 over by the way. Back to the video, note the moment the video starts you will see Singh is in a confrontation with Flintoff, obviously that is what sparked Singh to hit those many sixes. Poor Broad though, for he was the one taking the beating for something Flintoff was involved with. Enjoy!

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