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We searched the Internet from beginning to end to find you our favorite videos of the week. And no, we didn’t just go to en copied all of them here.

We will try to keep the videos with latest events/trends but sometimes a random old funny video may be included.

1. If you didn’t listen to our latest podcast, Armand mentioned about a British Parylimpic table tennis player who pulled off an amazing shot in the last paralympics. Well we found the clip on YouTube and decided we must share it with you. Enjoy!

2. Definitely worthy contender for our next Kevin Peterson award.

I know our country has a lot of faults, but at least we don’t have radio hosts who doesn’t fall asleep during their interviews. Note the expression on the douche host’s face when he finally wakes up (0:53). Classic!

3. Okay this might be borderline on gay, but you have to give it to the guys it’s absolutely hilarious. Hats off to the players for their sense of humour. Question is though, did they know the lyrics before making the video, or only while shooting the video? Potential -50 on their man points if it’s the former.

4. I don’t see a headbutt. Do you see a headbutt?

5. Did he just knock himself out?!

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