Another Bafana coach axed

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Most of you should be aware that yet another Bafana Bafana coach has been fired. It comes as no surprise to hear the reason for termination was due to poor record. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name of Bafana Bafana, it is the name of the South African National football team. English translation would be “Boys Boys” or “Go Boys Boys”. It should’ve been translated to “Girls Girls” because they’re playing like girls.

I do not want to go into too much detail regarding their performance, I want to give my 2 cents worth on how/why they’re performing so badly and what must be done. Also why replacing the coach will not make a difference.

The biggest problem with South African soccer is the players aren’t exposed to high class soccer. There is a very famous saying, “To be the best, you have the beat the best”. And in order to beat the best….well you have to play against the best. That is something which SAFA (South African Football Association) is not doing. If you don’t expose your players to the best players out there, how can you expect your players to compete. The reason why the Springboks/Proteas are so successful,  is because they are constantly playing against the best players in the world. The Super Rugby League gives our domestic players the opportunity to constantly push themselves against very strong opponents. Even though our local domestic cricketers aren’t exposed to as much overseas opponents as the rugby players, the national team has a very demanding schedule throughout the year which gives them tremendous exposure against the best in the world. And one small tournament namely the IPL also helps. Thanks to the Champions League, 2 of our best T20 teams plays against the best T20 domestic teams in the world.

Now you can have the best coach in the world, but if you don’t expose your players to worthy opponents, you can’t expect them to be the best. So instead of hiring a new coach every 18 months for Bafana Bafana, rather focus on a strategy on giving the players more exposure against tougher opponents. Yes I know it’s easier said than done but it has to be done. Either increase the international friendly games by 3-fold (at least) or look at something like UEFA CHampions League but for Africa. If you decide to get more International friendlies then don’t let Bafana play against teams like Lesotho, or Botswana, or Zimbabwe. Let them play against the big guys like Spain, Germany, etc. Yes they will probably lose 9/10 but at least they will be exposed to better opponents. And if they do play against Namibia after playing against tough opponents from Europe or South America then I’m sure they should be able to demolish Namiba.

Zapiro’s cartoon below sums it up brilliantly while portraying it in a humorous manner. One of my favorites in a long time.


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