FIFA World Cup 2014 Wrap Up

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So Germany are the world champions! As you might have noticed, Germany was the team I supported so you can imagine how happy I am that they ended up as the champions. But in all fairness, they were the best team in the tournament. Especially if you consider they thumped the host nation Brazil 7 – 1 in the semi finals. Beating one of the favourites in front of their home crowd by such a big margin says a lot.

There is a picture flying around the social networks which sums up Germany quite. It basically says Germany does not have the superstars like Argentina or Brazil, but  they have something much more valuable  which is team work. They showed the world that playing as a unit is by far the best asset a team can have. Another important reason why I think Germany is playing so well is consistency. They kept the core of the team over the past 4 years and they kept the same coach as well. Loew was actually the assistant coach for the team before he became the coach, which also shows that the management wanted to keep consistency. 


Going forward will Germany continue to dominate as they did in the tournament? Sure they will.  Most of these players are still fairly young. If Germany sticks to their main formula which is consistency then I see them winning for a long time to come . Players like Ozil, Muller, Kroos, Goetze, Hummels, Schuerrle are all at the age of around 25. Captain Lahm is currently 30 so he might not be around at the next world cup. But I reckon they will still be a force until next Euro 2016 in France at least.

Someone who will definitely not be at the next World Cup is Miroslav Klose. If anyone thinks Messi or Neymar or Ronaldo is a legend then Klose should be an absolute football god! This guy should be a football legend. During this tournament he surpassed Ronaldo (Brazil) as the player with the most cumulative goals in World Cup history by scoring 16 goals. This is a record which does not get broken regulary. You need a player to perform well in at least 3 x World Cups to achieve such a record. The only player I see who has a slight chance of beating that record in the next 10 years is Thomas Muller who is also German by the way. He has 10 world cup goals already and he can possibly play 2 more world cups if he stays injure free.

Performance Index:

FIFA have looked at every pass, tackle and movement on the field, and assessed to see if it has a positive or negative impact on a team’s ability to score or concede a goal. From this they were able to assign a performance index to each player for the entire tournament. The index is out of a score of 10 – the stronger the player’s performance, the higher their score.  According to their calculations, the player with the best ranking of the tournament was Toni Kroos from Germany. In my books Kroos should have received the award of Golden Ball not Lionel Messi. But again, that would not have made a good story to write about now would it?


Toni Kroos was the player with the best performance index of the tournament

In addition to that, they took the player with the best ranking in each respective position to compile a so called team of the tournament. By the looks of it I think it’s pretty accurate. My only observation is the 2 players from Brazil. But many people thought Brazil had an easy road to the semi’s and this might be an indication of it. Furthermore I’m glad to see several German players and Golden Boot winner James Rodrigues in the line up. 

Position Player Team
Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer Germany
Defender Stefan De Vrij Netherlands
Defender Mats Hummels Germany
Defender Thiago Silva Brazil
Defender Marcos Rojo Argentina
Midfielder Toni Kroos Germany
Midfielder Oscar Brazil
Midfielder Phillip Lahm Germany
Midfielder James Rodrigues Colombia
Forward Arjen Robben Netherlands
Forward Thomas Muller Germany

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