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Have you ever wondered which is better in cricket? A batsmen scoring 50 runs or a bowler taking 5 wickets? Up to now, you can’t really compare them because the unit of measurements are different. Well we at Up and Under have found a way of comparing them with each other. This way we can determine who must mathematically be the deserved man of the match and/or man of the series.

Basically what we’ve done is calculated a batting performance index for all the batsmen. We took runs scored, average, balls faced, and strike rate and calculated a score out of 100. Some aspects are more important than other so runs scored and average will have the highest weightings. For T20 and ODI we will give strike rate a much higher weighting than in tests.

The same principle was applied to the bowlers. We took wicket taken, average, economy, and strike rate to calculate the bowling performance index. Once that is calculated you can already identify who the best bowler/batsmen of the match/series is. With the 2 respective indexes you can then calculate the overall performance index or as we like to call it Up and Under Performance Index (UUPI). Here we also use different weighting for bowlers/batsman and all rounders. Otherwise allrounders will always have the best UUPI’s.

But as any statistician will tell you, the bigger the sample size, the more accurate the stats will be. Thus the smaller the series the less accurate it will be. So don’t expect us to calculate UUPI’s for a single T20 game. We prefer at least 3 games in a series.

To test our theories, we decided to test our calculations on the SA NZL test series that was concluded yesterday. Below you will see the batting performance index for all the players followed by the bowling performance index. Then finally the UUPI for all players.



Player Country Batting PI
HM Amla SA 88.35
D Elgar SA 79.68
F du Plessis SA 77.42
DG Brownlie NZ 76.34
BJ Watling NZ 74.83
AN Petersen SA 66.16
AB de Villiers SA 61.96
BB McCullum NZ 40.02
JH Kallis SA 40.35
GC Smith SA 33.59
MJ Guptill NZ 26.37
KS Williamson NZ 23.88
JEC Franklin NZ 16.16
TA Boult NZ 18.55
DR Flynn NZ 14.21
C Munro NZ 15.29
RJ Peterson SA 12.88
JS Patel NZ 11.78
DAJ Bracewell NZ 6.97
RK Kleinveldt SA DNB
DW Steyn SA 6.47
N Wagner NZ 5.12
VD Philander SA DNB
CS Martin NZ 0.08


Player Country Bowling PI
DW Steyn SA 87.47
VD Philander SA 62.42
M Morkel SA 52.2
RJ Peterson SA 40.61
RK Kleinveldt SA 38.75
JH Kallis SA 35.31
CS Martin NZ 34.86
TA Boult NZ 30.72
DAJ Bracewell NZ 30.41
C Munro NZ 27.73
JEC Franklin NZ 16.37
N Wagner NZ 11.49
JS Patel NZ 10.72
AN Petersen SA 10
GC Smith SA 1.5
DG Brownlie NZ DNB
BJ Watling NZ DNB
F du Plessis SA DNB
D Elgar SA DNB
AB de Villiers SA DNB
BB McCullum NZ DNB
MJ Guptill NZ DNB
KS Williamson NZ DNB


And finally all the players with their UUPI’s. So after serious calculations Dale Steyn is our Man of the Series.


Player Team Type UUPI Rank
DW Steyn SA Bowler 93.94 1
HM Amla SA Batsmen 88.35 2
D Elgar SA Batsmen 79.68 3
F du Plessis SA Batsmen 77.42 4
DG Brownlie NZ Batsmen 76.34 5
AN Petersen SA Batsmen 76.16 6
BJ Watling NZ Batsmen 74.83 7
VD Philander SA Bowler 62.42 8
AB de Villiers SA Batsmen 61.96 9
RJ Peterson SA Bowler 53.49 10
M Morkel SA Bowler 52.2 11
TA Boult NZ Bowler 49.27 12
C Munro NZ Batsmen 43.02 13
BB McCullum NZ Batsmen 40.02 14
RK Kleinveldt SA Bowler 38.75 15
JH Kallis SA All rounder (Bat) 37.83 16
DAJ Bracewell NZ Bowler 37.38 17
GC Smith SA Batsmen 35.09 18
CS Martin NZ Bowler 34.94 19
MJ Guptill NZ Batsmen 26.37 20
KS Williamson NZ Batsmen 23.88 21
JS Patel NZ Bowler 22.49 22
N Wagner NZ Bowler 16.61 23
JEC Franklin NZ All rounder (Bowl) 16.26 24
DR Flynn NZ Batsmen 14.21 25

Let us know what you think. Does the ranking correspond to your opinion on who the best and worst players are? If you want us to publish UUPI’s for a specific series feel free to contact us. We will most probably only publish series that include South Africa. Although we might mention the top 5 players of other series’ on our twitter feed.


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