Top 5 Results of the weekend 18 June 2014

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1. Spain vs Netherlands – FIFA World Cup

Did anybody see this coming?! Netherlands completely trashing the defending champions 5 – 1! What a beginning to the World Cup. This blows the competition wide open as we have another team to keep an eye on. Von Persie and Robben completely let Piquet and Ramos look like schoolboys on Friday. Those 2 centrebacks of Spain had no idea where the ball was and could never contain Von Persie and Robben. The Spanish team now has to go back to the drawing board as the Dutch clearly found a hole in the spanish defence.  In addition to that, the score should’ve actually have been 5 – 0 and not 5 – 1 as the only goal the Spanish scored was from a penalty goal. And the decision to award the penalty was in my eyes very questionable.

2. Springboks vs Wales

What a dominating display by the Boks. I could hardly identify any faults with the team. They easily beat the Wales team on Saturday by beating them 38 – 16. And Willie Le Roux! What a magician. He possesses that skill where the opponent has no idea what he is going to do when he gets the ball. Will he pass? Will he go for the gap? Will he kick? Grubber? Chip-kick? And that is exactly what you need from a backline player. He needs to be completely unpredictable. Great performances by players like Cornel Hendricks, Guthro Steenkamp, and debutant Lood De Jager. It seems Lood is able to adapt to international rugby quite well.

I can’t wait for the 2nd game against Wales. Not only will I be there to watch the game but it feels like the Springboks are starting to become more of a unit and it looks like Meyer’s plans are starting to fall in place for the World Cup. Even with all the current injuries, he seems to develop depth which will be critical next year at the World Cup.

3. Spurs vs Heat – NBA Finals Game 4

Wow what a great finish to the NBA season. They came so close last year against the Heat but was unable to finish it off. But this time the Spurs have far outclassed the defending champions Heat and beat them 4 – 1. They have definitely been the deserving winners as they had the best record of all the teams in the regular season. The Spurs have demonstrated that team work above else, is the most important ingredient for a winning formula. It is clear that Popovich has focused a lot of work on the bench with guys like, Boris Diaw, Splitter, Tiago Splitter, Patty Mills, and last but not least the Argentinian Manu Genobli. I love the fact that there are no superstars in this team.  Yes they have a legend and definite future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan. But he is 38 years old and only average 29 minutes per game (max 48). Popovich saw great potential in unknown players like Parker, Leonard, and Genobli and made them stars. He took Duncan and built a great team around him. He feels to me like the Victor Matfield of the NBA. Natural born leader that possess immense amount of knowledge for the game. How long Duncan will play in the NBA remains to be seen but I sure hope he stays involved in the Spurs, even if it’s in a coaching position. But with Finals MVP Kawhi Leanord it’s quite clear that this guy is a player for the future and it is more than likely that he will be the future anchor of the team.

And finally, a mini movie about the last game:

4. US Open Golf

What a dominating display by Martin Kaymer. He led the tournament from Round 1 and eventually won it by 8 shots margin. Everytime a non-US player wins the US Open I get very excited. This is Kaymer’s 2nd title after winning it in the early 2000’s. And since then he hasn’t had a lot of success in the majors. He seems to be in good form at the moment as he won the Players Championship a couple of weeks ago.

5. Germany vs Portugal – FIFA World Cup

What an amazing end to a sporting weekend. As I mentioned in the preview, Germany is my favourite team and they definitely performed as I hoped they would, by crushing Portugal 4 – 0. Ronaldo was clearly very irritated that his teammates could  not stop the Germans and that he was unable to do anything about it. The fact that Pepe was sent off the field with a red card in the 1st half also did not help Portugal. Yes Muller’s move was a bit theatrical when Pepe’s hand touched his face, but the reaction by Pepe was unforgivable and you have to be able to control your emotions at this level.  The German team is a bit different now compared to the previous World Cup but it looks like it is paying off. Captain Lahm is now in central midfielder position whereas he was right back in the previous WC. They seem to be playing well as a unit and I can’t wait to see them in the rest of the tournament.

All in all the World Cup has produced a very exciting opening week. Quite a lot of goals, a few amazing upsets, and only 1 terribly boring goalless draw. If the rest of the tournament is anything similar to the opening week, then we should be in for a cracker!

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