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    Sun Foil Test Series Wrap Up

    I would like to take this opportunity to highlight my excitement for the future of test cricket. Even through it is almost criminal that two great test playing nations like South Africa and Australia only faced each other in two test matches this series. It was electrifying! The first test saw Michael Clarke score a […]

  • Mitch

    Batting Preview: Sunfoil Test series

    Oh we we love to lay down the gauntlet against our old antipodean foes, the Aussies. I for one, cannot rejoice more when they bite the dust, and that includes losses to the Brits (who are all Saffers in any case). And hey! No Bryce Lawrence to help them this time… The last time we faced the Aussies we […]

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    CSA gets new sponsor

    After searching long and wide, by hook and by crook CSA managed to get a sponsor who does not mind to be associated with Crooked South Africa. The upcoming test series against the mortal enemy of all sports-loving South African, Australia, will be Sunfoil (or to be more accurate, Willowton Group, manufacturers of Sunfoil Pure […]