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    Tiger Woods Frustration on Golf Course

    For those of you (including me) who tend to get frustrated on the golf course when things start going wrong, don’t worry even the professionals tend to lose their temper when things don’t go as planned. The clips below shows Tiger Woods getting quite angry at himself. In his defense, he was a lot younger […]

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    Man throws hot dog at Tiger Woods

    Not sure if you heard about the guy who threw a hot dog on a green while Tiger Woods was trying to make a putt. He made a statement as to why he did it, and I must say, the reasoning doesn’t make sense. Apparently, he got the idea after watching a movie about a stunt […]

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    Return of Tiger

    If any of you might be suffering of insomnia, there is some nice golf for you to watch this weekend. The golf is played in the US and will only be shown late at night. The tournament that I’m talking about is the Open. Yes it is not as glamorous as last weekend’s tournament, but there […]