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Chess boxing is a hybrid sport that combines boxing with chess in alternating rounds, a match consisting of 11 rounds. Although still quite unknown to the world chess boxing has enjoyed some fame in Iceland, Siberia and especially England where London had hosted more than 10 international events since 2008.

The earliest chessboxing reference occurs in London in 1978 when two brothers Stewart and James Robinson began chessboxing at the Samuel Montagu Boys Club. The sport was later popularised when Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh aka The Joker , inspired by fictional depictions by French comic book artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal, organized actual bouts.

Because a match can be swayed either way through superior boxing or chess play, equal amounts of talent is required.

Watch a bout between Iepe the Joker and Luis the Lawyer from 2007 below for a better explanation:

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