Jala Neti Shatkarma

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Published on September 20, 2011 with No Comments

After roving around the internet for a while I discover what must be one of the world craziest sporting activities, if one could call it that. This practice is called Jala Neti and it now officially has a World Championship, you can view the video below to see the final round and the champion being crowned.

Jala Neti is part of Shatkarma, the yogic system of practices aimed to purify and cleanse the body. To use Jala Neti, you will need a so-called neti pot and an isotonic seawater solution. This solution contains 0,9% of salt, the same percentage as in the human blood. The lukewarm isotonic seawater is poured into one nostril, so that it leaves the nose through the other nostril. The procedure is then repeated on the other side.

Reading the description I am not so sure I’ll be signing up any time soon… enjoy.

Jala Neti World Championship

Find out more on Jala Neti, click here.

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