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About Us

We are passionate about improving rugby setups within communities and creating a better learning environment all who play the game. Therefore, we are all about giving more access to tools for aspiring rugby players and coaches by using online platforms, as well as hosting clinics for players in nearby communities.

We want to create a fair playing field for women who enter the game by giving them access to the sport in areas where rugby for girls is not as widely accessible.


We are young and new and want to learn to help shape a better future for our youth in rugby.

Our Mission

Providing tools and resources for developing rugby coaches and players that will give them a foundation to build on for their season/s ahead. Providing information in a simplistic yet thorough way, making sure that coaches and players easily understand what they learn and also don’t miss out on any aspects which can help lead to their success. This will be done by creating specific programs and regular occurring videos which they can access online. As well as coaching classes which they can attend online. All this will be accompanied by a variety of physical coaching sessions and clinics that will be booked when applicable. This also includes the developing female rugby players, who didn’t have any access to any rugby training and facilities, through the use of our clinics which focuses heavily on skills development.

The Founder


Viaan Jonker

Founder, Director, CEO

A young rugby player and coach turned entrepreneur to pursue a dream to make rugby coaching accessible for all. Providing opportunities for our future players and coaches.

"Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. If I could at least change that one person's life, that would be the day I realise I'm achieving mine."


  • eta College Stellenbosch (2018-2020)

  • Stellenbosch Rugby Academy (2018-2019)


  • Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management (eta College Stellenbosch)

  • National Certificate Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management    (eta College Stellenbosch)